Chamilo LCMS Connect

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About LCMS Connect

Chamilo LCMS connect (or Learning Content Management System) offers a closely related but alternative platform model to the Chamilo LMS. Content is published or shared from a repository. While users in Chamilo LCMS have a own repository at their disposal, it offers users also to connect to other external repositorys. It enables users to manage their content in a particularly broad and flexible way. This page will give you all the necessary resources to get started

Chamilo LCMS Connect

While Chamilo is developed using the latest standards and technology, this opensource project is not only ready for the future, it is part of the future!


Connect with and use / share content of many external repositories


Many applications, to use many content in many ways.


User based storage, to use, reuse and share content in different applications


With connectivity, modularity and the repository it is easy to collaborate



This opensource PHP-project is supported by JetBrains. JetBrains’ PhpStorm is a great help for our code contributors.